Winter is here! For some, this is good news: time for outdoor skiing and skating! For those who prefer the beach and the bike rides, it is not really the best time of the year, for reasons that one can well imagine… But it is not only your hobbies that are affected by the change of season. Your skin is also affected. This is because winter usually means dry skin, itching and dehydration. But all this is not inevitable. By taking a few precautions, you can get through this time of year without too much damage!

Boost skin hydration

Winter means a sharp drop in humidity and strong winds. These factors help decrease the skin’s ability to retain moisture. That’s why it gets dehydrated quickly. This very often leads to peeling of the skin and cracking. To counteract this, it is important to use moisturizers. But not just any. Body and/or face creams and lotions that contain harmful chemicals should be avoided as they help dry out your skin. This is the case with parabens and sulfates, for example. Moreover, parabens are suspected by Health Canada to pose a risk to health. This is why you should instead opt for gentle products that do not contain these chemicals in order to keep your skin hydrated for longer. Here are some recommendations:

Have a hand cream … on hand!

Hands tend to dry out quite often. Be sure to apply a moisturizer without harmful chemicals whenever they are rough.

Hydrate while sleeping

Using a face cream at night is essential. Indeed, night is the only time when the skin is safe from environmental aggressions (wind, pollution). It is during these moments of tranquility that it reconstitutes itself. Take advantage of this respite to deeply hydrate it. Preferably use a paraben-free cream to keep it soft and supple. Also consider applying body lotion right before going to bed. It will not only help you relax, but also keep your skin healthy. Find here our beauty oils and night creams that can overcome any dry skin!

Take care of your lips

The lips are particularly sensitive. This is because they do not have sweat or sebaceous glands and are therefore more vulnerable when exposed to extreme weather conditions. This is why you should apply quality lip products to protect them from the cold. For lip care, take a look at our all-natural lip balms.

Use mild soaps for dry skin

For your shower, get rid of soaps containing parabens and sulfates. Instead, go for those that keep your skin smooth and your skincare routine natural.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be ready to face winter head-on!