Many people complain about having dry skin after the shower. This sensation is often due to the type of soap / shower gel used. If this is your case, then it may be that the cold process soap is what you need. But what is saponification? Why prefer a cold process soap? The answer in the lines that follow.

What is saponification?

Basically, the production of a soap requires only three ingredients: a fat substance (vegetable oil for example) and a strong base (lye or potash) dissolved in water. In simple terms, saponification is therefore the chemical reaction produced between these ingredients, to obtain a soap. Note that even if lye is essential for the production of solid soap, once the saponification process is over, there is no longer any trace of lye in the final soap. Indeed, all the lye has been consumed to turn the fat into soap.

What is a cold process soap?

A cold process soap is a soap made without being “cooked”. This is the preferred method in the manufacture of handmade soap because it is simple. On the other hand, during hot saponification, the soap batter is heated until the end of the saponification.

What makes a cold process soap different from a hot process soap?

Moisturizing power. Soaps that are cold processed are softer and moisturizing. Why? Because the glycerin produced during the cold saponification process is kept in the soap. However, during a hot process, glycerin is removed from the soap. Unfortunately this latter method is preferred in industries because it is faster and therefore allows greater production.

Longevity. Cold saponification is a long process. Indeed, after putting the battery in the molds, it is necessary to let the soap dry for at least 30 days so that the saponification takes place totally. But the advantage is that the soap that results is very hard and lasts also longer.

Quality. Hot saponification requires the addition of synthetic additive, while the cold process is natural.

At SheerNature, the bar soaps we offer are handcrafted and therefore cold saponified. They are therefore very moisturizing for your skin. Here are a few :

Made with real chamomile flowers that help soothe and treat the skin.

Made with lavender oil that softens the skin without drying it, and with organic hemp oil that leaves a soft, smooth foam.

Made of essential oils and bamboo charcoal, it is renowned for its ability to purify the body of impurities and toxins.

Each of the natural ingredients of this soap plays a specific role: coconut oil helps balance oily skin, kelp detoxifies and stimulates skin healing, shea butter treats imperfections and peppermint refreshes your skin.

It contains 60 minerals recognized for their repairing and beautifying effects on the skin.

Ideal for purifying and exfoliating the skin without drying it out. Works well on oily and mixed skin

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